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Why To Host Your Meeting Offsite

Hosting An Off Site Meeting
-Change of venue is a reset for the day to day same routine for employee
-Elevates the level of importance of the content being presented
-Boost Morale by investing in a different venue can be seen as a benefit or perk
-Change of Venue Sparks Creativity
-Creates an opportunity for participant to network and be together in this new age of the Remote Office

Photo of the east room at The Dalcy set up with tables

Why Aba & The Dalcy in the Fulton Market
-6000 Sq Ft Meeting Space
-Complimentary State of the Sound & AV System
-Comfortable Chairs
-Versatility in Meeting Set Up
-Meal and break outs able to be held in adjacent Aba & The Roof Top spaces
-Unique and menus and beverages for group