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Frequently Asked Questions

what is a food & beverage minimum, and what does it include?

This price reflects the base amount that needs to be spent in food & beverage during your event time. Breakfast, lunch, snack breaks, daytime beverage service, cocktail receptions, passed hors d’oeuvres, savory or sweet stations, dinner, wine service with dinner, and an open bar all contribute to this minimum.

This minimum excludes tax, event fee and gratuity.

what other charges may i expect?

11.5% Tax – Chicago City Venue tax is standard and subject to change based on local ordinance.

4% service fee – 4% of the food, beverage and rental subtotal is used to support the staff working behind the scenes to organize your event.

Gratuity – As a host, you determine the percentage of gratuity you would like the service team (bartenders, bussers, and servers) to receive. The suggested gratuity is 18%-22% of the food & beverage minimum

how do i secure my event date?

In order to confirm a date we require a signed contract to include the terms of agreement section. In addition to the contract & terms we require a deposit that will range between 25-50% of what we estimate the food & beverage minimum for the event to be. For weddings typically that initial deposit is 25% of the food & beverage minimum.

5 business days prior to the event we require the Final Event Order to be approved and signed along with final guest count.

when may vendor drop-offs happen?

A predetermined time for setup or delivery of decor must be established seven days in advance of your function. We ask that the vendors you contract with are made aware that they need to contact the Events Manager to review these details.